ClotTriever® System

Treat the full range of clot chronicity

ClotTriever Catheter

Mechanical Thrombectomy

Designed for DVT

The ClotTriever catheter gains complete wall apposition in vessels 6-16 mm for the collection and removal of acute to chronic clot

ClotTriever BOLD® Catheter

Confidently Treat a Range

of Clot Chronicity.

Collect and remove the toughest clots from acute to chronic with a combination of greater radial force, advanced control, and improved thrombus engagement*

* Data on file

ClotTriever® XL Catheter

A Larger Device

for the Largest Vein

Purpose built design for efficient removal of a range of clot chronicity in the vena cava

ClotTriever® Sheath


 Blood Loss

The ClotTriever sheath is specifically designed for optimal clot removal with minimal blood loss

Indications For Use:

The ClotTriever Thrombectomy System is indicated for: (1) The non-surgical removal of thrombi and emboli from blood vessels; (2) Injection, infusion and/or aspiration of contrast media and other fluids into or from a blood vessel.
The ClotTriever Thrombectomy System is intended for use in the peripheral vasculature including deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Refer to IFU for complete Indications for Use, contraindications, warnings, and precautions.

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