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Designed for bloodless
thrombectomy with
intraprocedural blood return

Blood Return System
FlowSaver Overview
  • 40 micron filter to return aspirated
    blood with negligible hemolysis*
  • Compatible with the Inari 60 cc
    large-bore syringe for intraprocedural
    blood return
*<0.1% increase in hemolysis compared to control. Data on File.
Focus on clot removal and patient outcomes without the concern of blood lossduring mechanical thrombectomy with the FlowTriever® system.
Flowsaver Device
Intraprocedural blood
for immediate
return to patient
60 cc reservoir with
sideport and quick release
compatible with
the Inari large-bore syringe
Independent research showed a <0.1% increase in hemolysis* for the same sample of blood filtered 5x with FlowSaver blood return system and no difference in CBC parameters and serum potassium levels
*<0.1% increase in hemolysis compared to control.
40 micron filtration
Removable 40-micron filter prevents
the reintroduction of aspirated clot
1. Comparative 3rd party testing conducted by NAMSA showed no biologically significant differences compared to control.

Indications for Use:
The FlowSaver Blood Return System is used with Triever Catheters for autologous blood transfusion.
Contraindications: Not intended for use without anticoagulation.

Refer to IFU for complete Indications for Use, contraindications, warnings, and precautions.

Caution: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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