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Success Stories
Life Without Clot - Heidi’s Story
Returning Home After
Deep Vein Thrombosis
Young Mother’s Battle
with DVT
A Year Later: One of the First
ClotTriever Patients
Upper-Extremity DVT After
Cancer Treatment
Car Enthusiast Back on the Road
After DVT
Avid Traveler Returns to
National Parks
New Mother Back with Her Son
Following DVT
A College Senior and Fitness
Enthusiast Recovers After Deep
Vein Thrombosis
28-year-old mother of two
ran a 5K marathon after DVT
Life Without Clot - Jessica's Story
Avid Runner Survives Massive Pulmonary Embolism
Husband Returns to Active Life After Pulmonary Embolism
Local Community Saves Young
Father’s Life
Grateful Husband Survives
Pulmonary Embolism with
Wife’s Support for FlowTriever
Retired Teacher Discovers New Outlook on Life
Heart Strain Fully Resolved
After PE
Young Professional Recovers
Following PE
Grandfather Returns to Fishing, Hosting Family Dinners After Pulmonary Embolism
Active California man grateful
for second chance after PE
Avid hiker back on the
trails after massive PE with
right atrium clot-in-transit
Life Without Clot
Audry’s Story