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Large-bore suture retention for
venous access site closure
FlowStasis Suture
Retention Device
The FlowStasis suture retention device is the first to address all aspects of venous access site closure. Purpose-built to improve upon standard of care suturing techniques, the FlowStasis device provides consistent, adjustable, and non-obtrusive hemostasis while having an easy-to-use profile.
Designed to streamline rapid hemostasis
The FlowStasis suture retention device achieves hemostasis by closing the soft tissue tract without contacting the vessel. This allows for natural hemostasis while eliminating the risk of complications associated with resorbable or permanent implants.
FlowStasis Suture Retention Device
offers simple, adjustable, and comfortable hemostasis specifically designed for percutaneous venous procedures.
Adjacent Access
Sites, One Device
A figure of eight stitch technique can be used to achieve and maintain hemostasis across adjacent access sites.
Adjustable and Versatile Design
Simplistic design allows for intuitive application and removal by all hospital staff. The tab can be engaged and disengaged to adjust the tension being applied on the sutures, allowing access to site management throughout the patient’s stay.
High Comfort Profile
The atraumatic flexible pad allows for conformation to patient anatomy and maximum patient comfort.