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Important Notice
This Inari Medical website and all product offerings listed are tailored for the United States only. Please be aware that product availability and regulatory claims may vary in other regions we serve, including Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Latin America/Canada. Inari Medical is currently developing separate websites for our products tailored to these other global and regional markets.
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No Small Plans. Ever.
Educational Programs
& Events
We are committed to changing the standard of care for the treatment of venous and other diseases. With the collaboration and input from key stakeholders, including physicians and non-interventional stakeholders, we aspire to change the status quo for all patients, medical community partners, and society through continuous medical education.

We have an established and experienced team of medical education professionals who lead regular national, regional, and local training and educational programs for both interventional and non-interventional physicians, nursing staff, and other personnel involved in any Inari procedure.
With our team of experts, we have greatly expanded our learning platform, the Clot Warrior Academy, to provide regular and interactive training to a full spectrum of medical professionals.
Clot Warrior Academy® (CWA)
Medical Education Program Offerings
The Clot Warrior Academy training and education supports healthcare professionalsin the delivery of VTE patient care, available via our:
On-demand library
130+ hours of peer-to-peer webinars,
case studies, and training resources
In-person training events
Peer-to-peer, locally-led programs
for small group education
Advanced user summits
In-person, nationally-led programs for
interventional experience and
enhanced techniques