Rodger, 78, is either walking the neighborhood or doing yardwork in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. The hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters have yet to slow him down. He makes it a point to maintain his healthy and active lifestyle no matter what season it may be.

After one morning working in his yard, Rodger experienced a sudden cramp in his left leg. He  initially felt this discomfort may be attributed to dehydration. As the day went on, the discomfort progressed and was now associated with significant swelling and warmth all over the leg. The intensity of pain eventually led Rodger to reach out to the office of his cardiovascular specialist, Dr. Herman Kado.  Dr. Kado’s medical team staff members, Shayla and Nadia swiftly scheduled an urgent lower extremity venous duplex and office visit the following day.

The duplex ultrasound of Rodger’s left leg showed a large deep vein thrombosis (DVT)– a blood clot in the deep veins of the body that was blocking blood flow out of the leg. This was the ultimate cause of his leg pain and swelling. Dr. Kado counseled Rodger about the severity of his condition and the risk associated with a DVT. He was urgently scheduled for a minimally invasive procedure to resolve his condition. Within 24 hours, Rodger was successfully treated with mechanical thrombectomy using the ClotTriever system—and was able to discharged home within a few hours of the surgery with nothing more than a Band-Aid on the back of his leg! This single-session procedure removes thrombus burden and rapidly restores blood flow to the venous system. Dr. Kado was pleased with the results. “Rodger was very symptomatic when he contacted us. Within a very short period of time, he had complete treatment and resolution of his clot and his all his symptoms because of the amazing technology ClotTriever was able to provide.”

One month later, Rodger continues to feel great. He has absolutely no pain or swelling in his left leg. His most recent ultrasound showed no residual thrombus with excellent blood flow. He is back to walking the neighborhood and enjoying fresh vegetables from his garden. Thanks to the special care and attention provided by Shayla, Nadia, and the rest of Dr. Kado’s staff, they were able to prevent this condition from causing any potential harm– and for that, Rodger is very grateful.