A simple solution for rapid hemostasis following percutaneous venous interventions

Retention Device for Mid to Large-Bore Venous Closure

FlowStasis™ is the first large bore suture retention device designed to address all aspects of venous access site closure. Purpose-built to improve upon standard of care suturing techniques, FlowStasis provides consistent, adjustable and non-obtrusive hemostasis while having an easy-to-use profile.

Streamlined Rapid Hemostasis

The FlowStasis device builds upon standard suturing techniques to optimize workflow and maintain hemostasis after mid- to large-bore percutaneous venous catheter procedures while providing quick application and expedited room turnaround.

    Adjustable and Versatile Design

    FlowStasis’s simplistic design allows for intuitive application and removal by all hospital staff. The tab can be engaged and disengaged to adjust the tension being applied on the sutures, allowing access site management throughout the patient’s stay.

    Patent Hemostasis Eliminating Vessel Injury

    FlowStasis achieves hemostasis by closing the soft tissue tract without contacting the vessel. This allows for natural hemostasis while eliminating the risk of complications associated with resorbable or permanent implants.

    High Comfort Profile

    FlowStasis’ atraumatic, flexible pad allows for conformation to patient anatomy and maximum patient comfort.

    Multiple Adjacent Access Sites, One Device

    During EP procedures, multiple adjacent access sites can be safely closed using a single Flowstasis device by performing the figure of eight technique to achieve and maintain hemostasis.

    FlowStasis Gallery 

    DVT (IVC Thrombosis)

    Access site: Dual-Access Popliteal Vein
    Access size: 13 Fr
    Physician: Dr. Campbell

    Upper Extremity DVT

    Access site: Basilic Vein
    Access size: 13 Fr
    Physician: Dr. Mojibian

    Pulmonary Embolism

    Access site: Common Femoral Vein
    Access size: 24 Fr
    Physician: Dr. Yanagi


    The FlowStasis device is intended for temporary suture retention following percutaneous venous procedure.
    Contraindication: not intended for hemostasis after arterial puncture