Extracting large clots from large vessels without the need for thrombolytics.

The ClotTriever is an over-the-wire system designed to:

Mechanically core clot from the vein wall


Capture and Remove large clot burden from big vessels


Treat in a single session

Eliminate the need for thrombolytics

Eliminate ICU Stay

Avoid need for capital equipment

Device Components

ClotTriever Catheter

The ClotTriever Catheter features a nitinol coring element and a braided collection bag, designed to core and collect clot for extraction from ClotTriever Sheath.

ClotTriever Sheath

The ClotTriever® Sheath features a self-expanding nitinol mesh funnel to facilitate clot removal and a large bore sideport for rapid aspiration.


  • The non-surgical removal of thrombi and emboli from blood vessels.
  • Injection, infusion and/or aspiration of contrast media and other fluids into or from a blood vessel.

The ClotTriever Thrombectomy System is intended for use in the peripheral vasculature including deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Caution: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician




Retention Device for Mid to Large-Bore Venous Closure

FlowStasis™ is the first large bore suture retention designed to address all aspects of venous access site closure. Purpose-built to improve upon standard of care suturing techniques, FlowStasis provides consistent, adjustable and non-obtrusive hemostasis while having an easy-to-use profile.

Key Benefits:

  • Patent hemostasis to eliminate vessel injury and reduce the risk of clotting
  • Easy application and removal by all hospital staff
  • Adjustable tension for rapid hemostasis
  • Non-obtrusive profile with atraumatic design that conforms to patient anatomy
  • Single device for multiple adjacent access sites
  • No permanent or resorbable implants left behind

FlowStasis Product Image

Case Study

Pre ClotTriever Venogram

Post ClotTriever Venogram

Clot Haul

“The ClotTriever System expands the therapeutic armamentarium for vascular interventional therapies to treat venous clot and even subacute and chronic clot without the need for thrombolytics and the associated potential bleeding complications” (EV Today, Aug. 2018 issue)

Suman Annambhotla, MD (Northeast Georgia Medical Center)

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