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Car Enthusiast Back on the Road
After DVT
Alan, 73, spent nearly three decades working in the automotive industry as a team leader in charge of assembling some of America’s most popular vehicles. As an avid tennis player, Alan spent many days playing at his club and traveling to tournaments in the local area. He loves to walk in his neighborhood, do his own yardwork, and even enjoys shoveling the snow in the winter for exercise.

In 2019, Alan was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and underwent chemotherapy treatment for six months. Refusing to let the disease slow him down and when asked how he kept upbeat through his cancer diagnosis, Alan remained steadfast in keeping to his active schedule telling his family and friends, “no matter what your problems are, you give it your best shot.” As he pushed forward with his daily activities, he noticed an unusual pain had developed in his right calf that became increasing worse over the next couple of days accompanied by firmness and burning sensation.

Alan scheduled an appointment with his Oncologist, Dr. Zachary Otaibi, and received an ultrasound of his right leg. Within minutes of getting to his car after the appointment, Dr. Abdullah Shaikh called Alan to inform him that the ultrasound showed a large deep vein thrombosis (DVT) that required urgent medical attention. Dr. Shaikh scheduled Alan for the ClotTriever® procedure two days later at Allegheny General Hospital. Regarding Alan’s procedure, Dr. Shaikh and his team successfully treated his DVT by removing large, organized clot in a single session procedure. “The DVT really slowed me down. It was quite painful, and it was difficult for me to walk,” said Alan about his DVT.

Alan is grateful for the care provided by both Drs. Otaibi and Shaikh. He quickly returned to his active self, working out and walking in the neighborhood with no discomfort or pain in his leg. Alan looks forward to cruising the streets this spring in his special edition Mustang GT convertible.
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Dr. Abdullah Shaikh’s Testimonial
“Alan had a large DVT in this right leg that was causing severe pain and swelling. The ClotTriever System is the latest technology for the treatment of DVT that removes blood clots and immediately restores blood flow, eliminating symptoms within hours”