Thrombectomy Catheter

The First Mechanical Thrombectomy Device for Venous Stent Thrombosis

The First Mechanical Thrombectomy Device for Venous Stent Thrombosis

RevCore is the first mechanical thrombectomy device developed to treat acute to chronic in-stent thrombosis.

  • Remove in-stent thrombosis: unique element designed to address the full range of clot chronicity
  • The right size, every time: user-controlled element diameter for precise treatment
  • Complete control: 1:1 torque transfer for 360° vessel treatment

Uniquely Designed for Venous Stents

The RevCore nitinol element provides

seamless interaction with implanted venous

stents for the treatment of in-stent thrombosis.

 Case Images

Case 1:

Patient presented with LLE thrombosed venous stents.

RevCore removed a range of clot chronicity in a single-session treatment to restore flow.

Case Courtesy of Dr. Michael Siah

Case 2:

Patient presented with RLE pain and swelling. History of BLE iliac stents and DVT. RIJ access with Protrieve sheath.

RevCore advanced into stent to remove a range of clot chronicity in a single-session.

Case Courtesy of Dr. David Heister

Indications For Use:

The RevCore Thrombectomy Catheter is indicated for (1) The non-surgical removal of thrombi and emboli from blood vessels (2) Injection, infusion, and/or aspiration of contrast media and other fluids into or from a blood vessel. The RevCore Thrombectomy Catheter is intended for use in the peripheral vasculature.

Refer to IFU for complete Indications for Use, contraindications, warnings, and precautions.

Caution: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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